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Journal Writing in Qualitative Research

Need help with how journal writing can help with the development of a qualitative researcher, or a researcher in general?

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The field of psychology has long made use of journal writing as a therapeutic aid, and as a cathartic function (Janesick, 1999). Thus, "Therapists view the journal as an attempt to bring order to one's experience and a sense of coherence to one's life. Moreover, according to Janesick, behaviorists, cognitivists and Jungian analysts all used journal writing as a therapeutic tool. Janesick explains this tool as a natural outgrowth of self-analysis. Other researchers developed techniques in which individuals kept an intensive journal for unlocking one's creativity and coming to terms with one's Self. The intensive journal method is a reflective, in-depth process of writing, speaking what is written, and in some cases sharing what is written with others and receiving feedback (Progoff (1975, 1992 as cited in Janesick. 1999). Janesick further notes that journal writing is a part of research as a way of getting in touch with yourself in several ways including: (a) reflection, (b) catharsis, (c) remembrance, (d) creation, (e) exploration, ...

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This solution discusses the significance of journal writing to the Qualitative Researcher