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Leadership In Healthcare

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I need help choosing 2 of the Health Research and Educational Trust's from(HRET) 4 major focus areas and:

-Explain why each focus area I chose is important to healthcare administrators.
-Discuss the HRETs role in addressing those areas. Please provide examples.
-Describe the impact of the HRET efforts in those areas.

The Health Research and Educational Trust (2007). Biennial Report 2007: Innovation and Impact. Retrieved from http://www.hret.org/about/resources/biennial07.pdf

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The quality and safety of health care that is provided is a very important focus area for health care administrators. Quality and safety are of the utmost importance for any aspect of the health care industry, due to the fact that the quality of the methodology and or services that are provided, will largely determine the degree to which the health care is beneficial to the individual or individuals being served. It is only through high-quality health care methodology and services, that health care administrators can effectively serve a community in an efficient manner. In addition, the safety of the methods and services is a key factor in ensuring that individuals receive the level of care that ...