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    Effective leadership and leadership tools within the healthcare organization

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    What do you believe it means to Lead People and Manage Resources within the healthcare organization context?

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    Thank you for posting this question to Brainmass. I would like to provide you information regarding this question. I have studied leadership theories and would like to discuss this topic with you to help you further understand how to craft your response. OTA's are not allowed to complete assignments for students, rather we are encouraged to provide students and professionals with more in-depth explanations to further you ability to complete your work.

    I want to start by first discussing effective leadership and leadership tools within the healthcare field. Leadership is quite vast...and within each type of sector one is working in, the concept of leadership is fairly similar. If you were working in the healthcare sector, your leadership would still mean the same thing as if you were working in the business sector - leadership means that you have the ability to lead organizations and that it is (a) a process, (b) involves influence, (c) occurs in groups, and (d) involves common goals (Northouse, 2011). Also, the term leadership is a process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve common goals. If you were a leader of a healthcare organization, your goal would be to lead your subordinates towards goals you have for the organization.

    To further look at the term "leadership" and also "effective leadership", you have to remember that leadership is not a managerial function. In contrast to management, leadership is more of a function that includes driving individuals forward of which is in alignment with the mission and goals of your organization. Management, on the other hand, is more of a function involving the operations and steps that must be organized in that journey to transforming your organization. An effective leader depends on organized managers to keep the day to day operations functioning. Management was created as a way to reduce chaos in organizations, to make them rum more effectively and efficiently (Norhtouse, 2011). The most common functions of management are planning, organizing, staffing, and controlling (Fayol, ...

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