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    Cancer: Diagnosis, Staging, Side Effects, and Complications

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    a) Describe the diagnosis and staging of cancer.

    b) Describe at least three complications of cancer, the side effects of treatment, and methods to lessen physical and psychological effects.

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    Diagnosing cancer begins with having a thorough understanding of the signs and or symptoms of cancer within the body, and the symptoms can take a myriad of different forms, which makes it imperative that a healthcare practitioner has a thorough knowledge of the symptoms of cancer, as well as the types of cancer that specific symptoms may allude to. One major symptom of cancer within the body, is a lump that appears within the body that was not there previously, or a series of lumps that appear throughout the body, or in one area of the body. Any mysterious lumps that appear suddenly within the body must be analyzed thoroughly and carefully, in order to ensure that the lump is not a cancerous mass, due to the fact that any lump or series of lumps that appear within the body can be an early sign of cancer. An analysis of these lumps will give the healthcare practitioner and methodology by which to make an efficient and effective cancer diagnoses. If an individual begins to sweat noticeably for no apparent reason, and this sweating is not due to any heat, this may be an indication that the body is reacting to some form of cancerous growth within it, and this is another symptom of cancer that can be utilized by healthcare professional is seeking to diagnose cancer within an individual. Any unusual changes within the coloration and or the freckles or moles on an individual's skin can be a sign of cancer, and this time can be helpful in diagnosing whether or not it individual has skin cancer, etc. A very important symptom of cancer within the body is a high level of fatigue for no apparent reason, due to the fact that fatigue usually points out that the body utilizing a great deal of energy in fighting some form of disease within it, and the usual culprit in this scenario is a cancerous growth within the body. Due to the fact that extreme fatigue usually results from some extremely serious disease within the body, extreme fatigue is a strong indicator that there is a cancerous growth within the body, and ...