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    Itemized Medical Procedures

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    Prices of medical surgeries are cheap or less expensive in Mexico, India, Thialand and Korea and Costa Rica. Prices will vary based upon many factors including hospital, doctor's experience, accreditation, currency exchange rates and more. Not included are costs for meals, miscellaneous expenses and any hotel costs or tourism costs."(Medical Tourism, 2009)

    Prices in the US are as much as 80% higher than those in other countries. The US would have to lower procedure prices significantly in order to get US consumers to spend money in the US.

    Medical Tourism. (2009). Quality affordable, health care: Compare cost. Retrieved from http://medicaltourism.com/compare-cost.php?lang=en


    So, because prices are becoming transparent internationally, are we really surprised that many Americans are going elsewhere?
    Quality of care? Cheap or less expe3nsive does not mean better. How many Americans are really seeking health care out of the United States (perentage?)? I am to look and see if I can find a statistic.

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    In 2010, there were almost 1 million Americans who traveled overseas as medical tourists to receive healthcare treatments and surgeries as well as dental work. In regard to very serious issues such as ...

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