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    Global Health Advocacy

    Global health advocacy works to influence policy and mobilize resources to improve equitable access to health services and fight diseases of poverty. Advocacy groups may educate government leaders, multilateral mechanisms and high burden countries about the benefits of investing resources that provide life-saving care for millions of people. For example, contributing funding for vaccinations, and fighting tuberculosis and malnutrition.

    Global health advocacy influences the policies of governments and global institutions to ensure that resources reach those with the greatest need. Advocacy is also about engaging the media to help spread the word that global health is a priority that should be invested in.

    Another important aspect of global health advocacy is improving the conditions for health workers. This includes improvements in health care worker recruitment, training, terms and conditions, promotion and working environments which enable health care workers’ ability to deliver quality services. 

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    Interdisciplinary Research and Global Health

    Why is an interdisciplinary approach important in addressing global health issues? How do organizations currently work together to solve important global health issues? Support your response with specific examples.