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    Patient Activation and It's Challenges

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    What is patient activation? What are the main challenges of patient activation?

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    Given the ACA is geared more towards preventative measures and health maintenance, patient activation is crucial to positive health-related outcomes. Engaging patients in their own care and gearing them with the knowledge and skills to manage their own health is patient activation. It's not just about teaching them the correct way to do something, but giving them the confidence thus the autonomy in decision making regarding their health and thus the outcomes of their choices. There is evidence that supports interventions and strategies geared to promoting and strengthening a patients role in the management of their health leads to improved health-related outcomes. (Hibbard and Greene, 2013) REFERENCE: What The Evidence Shows About Patient Activation: Better ...

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    This solution of 466 words discusses reforms in healthcare to achieve a more health conscious patient geared system toward preventative medicine and health maintenance.