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Violence in film

Discuss the role of violence in film. Does violence in film encourage violence in the real world? Explain your answer.

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Violence in Film

Action films - they are very much the stuff of Hollywood blockbusters where the Hero and the villain go through situations that more often than not present some form of violence removed from in real life. Consider for example the Quentin Tarantino blockbusters Natural Born Killers, From Dusk till Dawn and the Kill Bill series. In these films the violence is graphic and is very much integral to the story. In Kill Bill alone, the storyline presents a woman on a quest of vengeance where he goal is to 'Kill Bill' and before that can be achieved, she had to kill a number of his henchmen travelling across the world, searching for them all and offing them in ways that in the end desensitize the viewer to violence: be-headings, beatings where swords and ...

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The solution provides insight,infornation and advice on the topic of violence in film.Among movies discussed include 'Kill Bill' and 'Natural Born Killers'.References are listed.