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Mental Health in Teens

Today the rate of mental illness in teenagers is increasing. Research into outbreaks of violence, such as was seen at the Virginia Tech and Columbine shooting, and has been shown to be a larger issue of mental illness in teens. There are many issues associated with this modern mental health challenge that mental health counselors and professionals need to understand.

Review the two multimedia resources and the video "A Cry for Help" on and answer the two questions associated with these materials.

Read the multimedia resource (1 page): Wake up Call at

Read the multimedia resource (1 page): Warning Signs and Symptoms at

View the 15 minute video: A Cry for Help at

1). What factors are leading to these outbreaks of violence?

2). What approaches are being used to help prevent similar occurrences in the future?

These three scholarly sources are preferable, however you are welcome to use other sources as long as they are scholarly sources and cited with APA format.

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One of the factors that is leading up to these outbreaks of violence is the fact that many teenagers have feelings of low self-esteem and inadequacy, and these are exacerbated by being picked on and treated unfairly by their peers in some respects. The tension and anger that is associated with the feelings of low self-esteem coupled with the continuous taunting by their peers may cause there to be growing levels of anger experienced by these individuals, which eventually results in outbursts of violence. Another factor leading to these outbreaks of ...

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