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Mental illness in teenagers

Today the rate of mental illness in teenagers is increasing. Research into outbreaks of violence, such as was seen at the Virginia Tech and Columbine shooting, and has been shown to be a larger issue of mental illness in teens. There are many issues associated with this modern mental health challenge that mental health counselors and professionals need to understand. Factors that are leading to these outbreaks of violence include social isolation and mental illness.

1). What do you interrupt this statement to mean?

One the factors that are leading to these outbreaks of violence is social isolation. If a kid has good social bonds, good attachment to other people, and a good involvement in society- all that stuff that prevents them from realizing such a deed. But if you do not have these bonds - these protective factors - you are more likely to do a grave deed.

2). What are some of the types of mental illness that an adolescent child might be going through to have these outbreaks of violence?

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1. I think that this statement essentially means that when children or teenagers are socially isolated, then these individuals tend to feel that they are not very important to the rest of society, and begin to feel that they are alone in the world. In addition, this statement seems to be addressing the fact that good social bonds and interaction with other individuals tend ...

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