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    The Mona Lisa as one of the following philosophical/religious foundations is included.

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    Given a specific work of art (from any discipline of the humanities), discuss how its corresponding philosophical position influences the aesthetic values of the work of art. The work of art must have been created during the period and/or in response to the given philosophy (ie- Mona Lisa and Renaissance Humanism). To get started, choose one of the following philosophical/religious foundations to guide your essay:

    Ancient Buddhism
    Medieval Christianity
    Renaissance Humanism
    Enlightenment Humanism
    Each of the aforementioned philosophical positions is closely associated with a specific period and aesthetic style. In this essay you will discuss the philosophy, its major influences (such people, social and/or political influences) and you will analyze the work of art to reveal how it adheres to the aesthetic values of the given philosophy. The essay should use the work of art as an example of the influence of philosophy in the humanities.

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