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    French Renaissance Art: Lady in Her Bath, Francois Clouet, 1570

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    Discuss: How does Clouet's painting reflect the culture and ideology of the Renaissance Era? Provide an explanation of the values, influences, themes, techniques, subjects and characteristics of the period or style under study. Some information about how the social, political, or religious history of the period influenced art and artists would be beneficial as well.

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    Socio-Political: Influences of a social or political nature during this time period included technological advances in science, theoretical advancements in philosophy (including the spread of Humanism), development of new techniques in art and architecture, innovations in artistic media (such as the beginning of the use of oil paint), etc. In addition, events such as the invasion of Italy in late 1516 (which brought Northern Europe into contact with Italian Renaissance art, architecture, etc.) and the decision of Francis I to invite Leonardo da Vinci to be his court painter (and Leonard's acceptance of the invitation) also had great influence on Northern Renaissance art. Leonardo apparently brought with him three of his paintings, one of which was the Mona Lisa, which is said to have influenced Clouet greatly in his painting of A Lady in Her Bath (1571). The Italian Renaissance artists' focus on structure (the musculature and skeletal structure of the body and not just its surface appearance), gave a realistic depiction of depth and space, and more accurately rendered architectural details which influenced Clouet a great deal. While many northern artists continued to focus on surface appearance, minute details and the inclusion of numerous iconographic elements, Clouet did appear ...

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