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Renaissance Ideology and Culture in Clouet's Lady in Her Bath

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In what ways does Francois Clouet's Lady in Her Bath painting reflect the ideology and culture of the Renaissance Era?

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http://www.nga.gov/cgi-bin/pinfo?Object=45829+0+none is the location of the image you have selected for this assignment - this is by no means the only place on the Web where an image of this work can be found, only one of them. The commentary on the painting at this web site is also useful for the eventual paper you will write. Check out waht they have to say, to add ideas to what I have had to say.

François Clouet (artist)
French, before 1520 - 1572
A Lady in Her Bath, c. 1571
oil on oak
overall: 92.3 x 81.2 cm (36 5/16 x 31 15/16 in.)
Samuel H. Kress Collection

This particular painting is by a Flemish (Netherlands) painter who worked for three French Kings: Francis I, Henry II and Charles IX. This particular painting depicts a noble lady taking a bath in a cloth-draped tub. With one hand, she holds the cloth draping the tub up over the edge, which reveals the name of the artist, a neat little trick. Her other hand is beside a display of fruit on a board resting on the edge of the tub. Behind the nude lady, a little child, a ...

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Discussion of Frances Clouet's Lady at Her Bath as a work of the Italian Renaissance. Why is is an example of Renaissance Art, and what details in the painting support this ideology and culture.

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