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Women, Art, And Society by Whitney Chadwick questions

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If anyone has read this book, I need help with a couple of questions:

"Hildegard of Bingen left a body of work unparalled in its range."

1. How did she contribute to religion?
2. How was her contribution to the Church recognized?
3. Did she challenge the Church's views on women? If so, how? If not, why not?

1. Noting that fifteen century women were skilled artists in Renaissance Florence; do you think their work was well represented during this period? Why is it that we only hear little if any, of women artists of that period in Florence?
2. What caused the shift of womenâ??s role in visual culture from one of production to one of being represented?
3. What were the circumstances that led to the formation of the â??Confraternity of Paintersâ? in 1349?

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1. Hildegard von Bingen contributed to religion in a multidisciplinary fashion since she wrote, created, and was active in art. Because of her vows as a Benedictine nun and later abbess, she knew her field well. I feel that she is vital because she paved the way for a new tradition of female mysticism in art and religious ideology.

2. However, her contribution was merely recognized by the Church as a great mystic, musicologist, and writer. She was not heralded as she rightly should for her art, I feel. Because of her gender, she was not deemed as a great artist, sadly enough. Her text is so influential since it describe her religious experience with such vivid visionary images. The Scivias contain 35 visions relating and illustrate the history of salvation. Her work is revolutionary because it is one of the first medieval manuscripts where line and color reveal the images of a supernatural contemplation.

3. I feel that she did ...

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Women, Art, And Society by Whitney Chadwick is explicated briefly. How she contributed to the religion are determined.

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