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Image of a woman after 1950

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I need to create an image of a woman. Reflecting on what you have read about women's life experiences after 1950, create an image to portray a woman after 1950. The image can be produced in many different forms, from two dimensional painting, photo, and collage, three dimensional clay or mix-media sculpture, to four dimensional cyber art and video games. This image can be realistic or abstract. Be creative and thoughtful. A simple line drawing, a collage, or a photo as shown above can be artful and meaningful.

Describe what your image is about. Describe the creative and thinking process you've experienced when creating your image. Are there any particular reading or class discussion topic inspiring your creative work? Raise a few questions to help others explore with you the meaning of your "creative work".

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As you create your own image of a woman after 1950, I think that a collage is the best medium since we cannot make a "one size fits all woman" because women's roles after 1950 are so complex.

As you make your collage, I'd like to honor the Guerilla Girls for the contribution to the theory of art and feminism that allowed women to transcend and showcase their truth, beauty, intellect, politics, ideas, and ideologies. Thus, I think ...

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Women's life experiences after 1950 are brainstormed for an image creation.

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