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Ethics & Morals

Ethics Awareness Inventory

· Interpret your results and apply them to your personal and professional development. · Include a statement explaining how your educational experience has affected your ethical thinking. This analysis must address your use of ethics in thinking and decision-making and your potential for conflic

Workplace Ethical Dilemma

Describe an ethical dilemma that you might face in your current or chosen workplace. Using the "Elements of Ethical Reasoning" on page 14 of The Miniature Guide... in this week's reading list, describe this dilemma from the perspective of four of the eight "Elements of Ethical Reasoning". You must include the "question at issue"

Code of Ethics- Discussion Questions

Looking for an OTA knowledgeable in this area of expertise. Important note: Please answer the following question writing between 200 to 300 words to each questions. 1. Why is the reaction to a personal code of ethics from fellow employees important to the individual and to the organization? 2. How are issues resolved

Media Influence on Ethics.

I need help writing a comprehensive paper on the impact the media has on the ethics of individuals, business and government. The paper should specifically address whether the news media is objective or whether they promote a specific economical or political agenda, citing specific examples. Additionally, the paper should addres

Ethical Theories

I need ideas to get started....please provide references. ASSIGNMENT 1. Research and write a paper which explains the full concept of the following ethical theory: Divine Command Theory. 2. A background discussion of the leading advocates of the Divine Command Theory. 3. Indicate what portions of the theory you ag

Ethical Relativism

I just need some help getting started and organizing my thoughts...... MAIN POINTS 1. Research several articles on the concept of Ethical Relativism and write paper which comprehensively explains both the basic concept and its cultural implications. 2. After summarizing the concepts in detail, present the arguments in


Many cultures practice polygamy. Muslims may have four wives under Koranic law; the King of Ashanti in West Africa is strictly limited by law to 3,333 wives. Polygamy is not adultery. Neither of these cultures sanctions extramarital sex. Is polygamy immoral? Why or why not?


Imagine that hard determinism is true. Would there be any justification for punishment? Why or why not?

Discussion Questions

Looking for an OTA knowledgeable in this area of expertise. 1. What is the relationship between values and personal behavior? 2. How do ethics affect the managerial decision-making process? 3. How do individual ground rules for behavior influence group rules of behavior?

Pro and cons of ethical theories

Give pro/con/neutral characteristics of the three basic types of ethical theories or conceptual models: ?Consequentialism (Egoism or Utilitarianism), ?Rights theory (Kantian moral imperative and Social Contract theory), ?Virtue or Human Nature potentials theory. I need help grasping these theories.

Ethics in Management (Corporate Revitalization Paper )

Could you please help me with this assignment? Thank You! "Six Stages of Moral Reasoning" I have attached the 6 stages. Corporate Revitalization Paper a. If your organization has an existing code of ethics, obtain a copy, and use it as the basis of the code you develop in the next paragraph. If it does not, use one from a

Current Ethical Issue in Business Paper

Could you please help me with this paper, I have included my outline. Thank You! ( Current Ethical Issue in Business Paper Research an article on an issue that deals with business ethics: (

Group Ethics

1. How might individual and group ethics/ground rules differ? What are some examples? How does an individual deal with living under two or more conflicting value systems? How should values and behavior at personal and professional levels differ, and how should they be similar?

Philosophy 323 Ethics in Management

Could you please help me with these 2 questions I am having a hard time with this course? I have attached the 3 Lectures. 1. Three lectures have emphasized three different theories of ethics. Briefly, with which are you most comfortable and why? 2. A major car manufacturer has decided to shut down one of its plants in a

Philosophy 323: Ethics in Management

QUESTION #1: If you always act to promote your own happiness, what ethical worth is added by the utilitarian who states that you should? (I urge you to read the lecture this week before answering the question--creating the "greatest good for the greatest number of people" does not enter into the answer.) QUESTION # 2: What

When is one acting ethically?

Philosophy Ethics In Management Could you please help me with this question and summary? Regarding Kantian view Which of these three would be acting in a moral way according to the Kantians? Kantian view: Tom, Dick, and Harry each visits a sick relative in a nursing home. The results are the same, and the relative is g

Philosophy Ethics In Management

Need help with these 2 Questions and I also need to make a summary. 1.Why do I say that the statement "all robins' eggs are blue" is only probable and not certain knowledge? 2.Should one's motives count more than the results of one's actions? Please see atttachment. Thank you!

Ethics in Management

1. What is the difference between personal and organizational ethics? How do they relate? Can personal ethics conflict with the culture of an organization? Explain. What are the benefits of an organization that chooses to incorporate ethical training into its culture? 2. How do ethics become ground rules for individual and g

Ethical Theories

An analysis od truth telling and deception in the medical field using ethical and moral theories.


Part A 1. In the aftermath of the recent global economic recession many technology companies are finding it difficult to make a profit or even survive. Given the difficult economic conditions, according to Kant's theory, would these businesses be morally justified in using any tactics to gain advantage over their competit

Rights of nonhuman animals

Richard A. Posner argues that nonhuman animals have no basic rights while Peter Singer argues the opposing side. How can these two arguments be compared with their opposite points of view?

Which ethical theory is most natural?

Which ethical theory is most "natural"? That is, which theory requires the least alteration of our natural inclinations in order for us to live ethically, and explain why this is valid.

Development of virtuous character

Some virtue theorists maintain that the development of virtuous character requires the right sort of society and culture. What are the arguments for and against that claim?

Developing an introductory paragraph/thesis statement

I need assistance in developing an introductory paragraph with a succinct thesis statement for a reflective paper on the social, personal and professional issues confronting people today involved in the reunification of the family. The topic is the ethical struggle of the CASA (court appointed special advocate) volunteer, case

Explain the prevalent theories and definitions in ethics.

Hello. I need help in understanding the following concepts - deontology and teleology. Most of all, I really need assistance in writring a paper comparing the two folowing the problem below - Ethical theories can be divided into the following two groups: teleological and deontological. First, discuss what teleological ethical

Exploring Truth, Right and Wrong

Write a minimum 5 pages reflection of "What is right and wrong?" and "What is Truth?" This video forum reflection should explore the ethical, scientific, historic and socio-cultural dimensions of the video. What position do you hold regarding those two questions? Do you agree or disagree with the positions stated in the video

Ethics in managerial decision making process

Advice on a PHL/323 Ethics in Management paper: A paper-essay discussing the following: How do ethics affect the managerial decision makingprocess? How does the internet created and impacted global perspectives?