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    John Locke's Epistemological Philosophy

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    Keila Carvalho, MA (#107851)

    This book describes John Locke's theory of human knowledge; how and what we can know. Locke lays out his ideas in his chief epistemological work, Essay Concerning Human Understanding. This eBook will explain the connection between words and ideas, essence, primary and secondary qualities, and the different types of knowledge. Because it is also important to know about the philosopher in general, this book will also offer a short biography of John Locke as well as a list of his chief works.

    This book is ideal for students of philosophy studying epistemology or the philosophy of knowledge belief and truth.


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    Keila Carvalho and her family live in Rhode Island and she is currently a stay-at-home mother to an active and curious little boy. She graduated with Bachelor's and Master's degrees from the University of Rhode Island. She studied Philosophy with a focus on epistemology and the philosophy of truth and knowledge as an undergraduate. As a Graduate Student, her focus was on 19th century political philosophy and its relation to the current political nature of society today. She plans to continue her philosophical endeavors by working for BrainMass and helping other students of philosophy and politics.

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