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    Ethics and Critical Thinking

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    Consider the following questions when writing your paper. The responses to these questions should find mention, not necessarily in this order, but somewhere in your reflection paper.

    ? What does ethics mean to you?
    ? What are some of the tools of critical thinking for ethics? Have you ever used these? How?
    ? Describe some different beliefs about ethical living. Which ones do you tend to agree with more? Is it hard to live ethically?
    ? What role do reason, emotion, and intuition play when making ethical decisions? Have you experienced these, and have you ever felt a conflict between the three? Why or why not?

    Keep these points in mind when writing your reflection paper:
    1. Your paper should bring out a summary of the key concepts and ideas from the lessons covered in Weeks 1 to 3 that relate to the questions above. Ensure that this is very concise and to the point. Specifically include ideas and concepts that are new for you and have significantly enhanced your previous understanding of ethics.
    2. Choose an ethical dilemma from your personal experience or a contemporary societal problem. When writing your paper, refer to this issue and describe what you think could be the cause of this problem. If you were to think of a solution to this ethical dilemma, what would it be?
    3. Use your responses to show your own personal belief system. Begin to think about your personal belief system now, so that you can start to build on it for your personal code of ethics,

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    Ethics & Critical Thinking

    Ethics is one of the major concerns of philosophy, broader than what people usually see as that moral compass between right & wrong. Its origin is from the Greek word 'ethica' referring to moral philosophy. Ethics focusses its questions & structure on answering what is right & good in one's pursuit of the 'good life'. There are various ethical frameworks that men adapt to suit their beliefs & their lifestyles influenced by their own set of socialization. What is ethical for me is primarily what I have learned in my formative years concurrently & subsequently improved on by my own experience. For instance on questions about how I should live my life, my Christian upbringing gave me that moral code of doing what is right according to the basic commandments of the Old Testament. However, my exposure with various other philosophers & subsequent studies of philosophy coupled with my personal experiences so far in my life has taught me that what Confucius termed as the 'The Golden Rule' is far more applicable in just every setting, in every society, whatever the cultural divide. "Do unto others as you want others to do unto you."

    To know one's mind and to set rules to follow to make the best ...

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