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The Difference between Male & Female Thought Patterns

Thought Patterns: a question of gender?

Psychologists tell us that stress affects women and men differently because they do not think alike. Women tend to develop psychological problems such as depression, memory lapse, and headaches. Men, on the other hand, are more prone to develop high blood pressure, heart conditions, and conditions from alcohol abuse.

In your opinion, do men and women think differently? Why or why not?

Support your answers by referring to the points of view from the lesson presentation and examples from your own personal experiences.

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The solution is a 1,002-word essay discussing the way men and women think by looking into thought patterns to answer the question of gender influence/affect on the way men and women think. Using published studies,articles & popular culture (from web & print), the solution is written so as to allow students to expand on the information provided. Citations included. References are also listed. The solution follows the APA format; a word version is attached for easy printing.