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    Basic Principles of a Moral system

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    Name and describe the five basic principles of a moral system. Pick one and describe why you think it is key?

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    Hello. Since you did not indicate the materials you have on this particular topic and there varied interpretations and positions in relation to principles of a moral system, I have picked one, Humanitarian Ethics which seems to coincide with your question in that the basic principles and assumptions number in 5. I hope this solution helps. Good luck!

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    Basic Principles: Moral System

    There are various theories and perspectives that can be used to inform a moral system. A moral system is a code of behaviour that informs the actions, choices and conduct of an individual to ensure that said individual lives his life according to his sense of right or wrong. This usually varies from group to group and person to person. This depends on the belief system, philosophy, ethics and perspectives of a person informed heavily by one's life experience/socialization. The moral code of a particular populace/society depends upon the established culture, belief systems, ethics, tradition and mores/norms. Ethical theories ...

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