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Ethics & Morals

Ethical decision making in international business

As a project manager, Kelly is leading a team on an international business trip where she is scheduled to do a presentation on its project and to negotiate a deal. Just a few days before the trip, Kelly gets a call asking her whether she is willing to let a male member of her team do all the talking because the managers at the c

ethical organization

Does the primary responsibility of conducting an ethical organization rest with the executives? Why or why not?


You are on the management team of a rapidly growing, privately-held apparel company named ZAPPA . They had $80 million in sales last year and are projecting $150 million for next year. The company's operations are entirely U.S.-based, an anomaly in an industry that has moved almost all manufacturing to foreign countries in searc

Ethics essays

Description is provided in the attach file. Please I need some guides to get the homework done: Please I need help in both of these essays. I don't need the essays to be perfect but Just help me with them. Ethics Work #1. From our consideration of the use of torture as a traditionally forbidden tactic in war (just in b

Moralities of Intent and Consequences

Kant's ethics relies upon the intent of an action as solely determinate of its moral worth, regardless of the consequences of the action. Consider the following thought experiment in these terms. (1) A child is drowning in the lake. A stranger jumps into save the child. He succeeds in saving the childâ?"but the reason that h

Formulate an argument to support your position.

It is snowing. Two people drive home from work in opposite directions down country roads. Both slide in the snow, and run off the road. The first person, when she slides, runs into a mailbox. The other person runs into a child. Assume that both drivers weren't impaired in any way (e.g., not drunk, not distracted, etc.). (

Discussion question help

Famously, in the 1982 cult-classic Conan the Barbarian (featuring then bodybuilder turned actor Arnold Schwarzenegger in his first starring role), Conan is asked: 'What is best in life?' His response: 'To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.' His response, of course, is gre

Happiness and Rationality.

Imagine that you have to undergo some operation that would leave you perfectly healthy, but without your ability to reason. As part of this operation, you'd still be able to feel pleasure but not pain, either emotionally or physically. You'd end up with the basic awareness of some sort of lower animal in exchange for a life of g

Evaluation of Plato's analogy of the Ring of Gyges.

Consider the ââ?¬Å"Ring of Gygesââ?¬Â? argument, Platoââ?¬â?¢s thought experiment gives us a very particular view of human nature. The thesis that what is ethically right to do is what advantages a particular individual is known as ethical egoism. 1.The question at hand is: do humans naturally tend towards justice

Discussion question help

Taking AT LEAST TWO of the three philosophical perspectives (Wittgenstein, Heidegger, and de Beauvoir) into consideration, how can the perspective of one INFORM the perspective of the other(s) on their shared concern of HOW WE TEND TO GO WRONG in our understanding of the world? In other words, how do you believe the thinking of

Theoretical reasoning is summarized.

One: Recount Kant's reasoning with respect to free will and moral law. For Kant, how is it possible for me to be individually autonomous only by living in accordance with universal imperatives of action? Two: Recount Hegel's reasoning with respect to self-consciousness and ethics. For Hegel, how is it that my awareness of m

Asserting God's Existence

Problem: I need as much detailed information to help write a 750-1000 word essay on identifying and explaining the rational defensibility and validity of God's existence. Main point of essay- Do you think that a rational argument presenting logical reasons for God's existence is enough to convince people that God exists? Exp

The Philosophy of Ethics

Create a dialogue between three philopshers in which they discuss the following question: The epistemology of relativism is assumed to be true by many people. Are the customs of a theocracy, like Iran, or the Taliban which enforces a religious law, that promulgates: legalized censorship, subordination of women, imprisonment and


1. How does Kant use our consciousness of moral obligation within the practical sphere to argue for the reality of noumena corresponding to the three so-called "Ideas of Pure Reason"? Why does he nevertheless deny that we can have knowledge of these 3 sorts of noumena? 2. On what fundamental basis would Kant object to Mill's ut

The Genealogy of Morals - Nietzsche

Please help with the following problem. Why does Nietzsche style his work as an "Attack" rather than an analytical treatise, and why does it take the form of a "GENEALOGY" rather than of an argument for some particular position in the "metaphysics of morals" as to what constitutes "right" & "wrong" & why "rightness" is the

UTILITARIANISM by John Stuart Mill

1. Summary of UTILITARIANISM, J.S. Mill; Hackett Chapters I-IV 2. What is the gist of Mill's critique against Kant's approach to ethical foundations? How might K respond? Who has the better of the argument, and why? 3. Between Mill & Kant, defend the figure w/ whom you least agree against strongest possible criticism by his

Job satisfaction is discussed.

Why should employers care about their employees' level of job satisfaction? Why are modern employees increasingly unsatisfied with their jobs? What can be done to improve their degree of satisfaction?

Dissecting Immanuel Kant's theories.

What is the "good will" of which Kant speaks in the First Section of the GROUNDING, and why is it the ONLY thing that he is prepared to say is "good without qualification"? What is "duty", as Kant uses the word, how does it differ from "inclination", and why does Kant think that moral principles (which stipulate what our dut

Republic by Plato

How would a careful reflection on the specific details of the Divided Line's account of how NOUS grows and thrives lead one to the conclusion that it is always wrong to do harm to others, and most especially to enemies and "deviants" and criminals? (at least 250 words)

The Republic by plato

Thrasymachus the Sophist has defined "Justice" as "the interest of the stronger parties". In light of Socrates' considered view of Justice as expounded over the course of the Republic a) in what sense would Socrates agree that Thrasymachus is entirely correct? b) in what sense would Socrates say that Thrasymachus is deeply c

Kantian and Utilitarian Ethics

For this first short paper, read the separate attachment, The Trolley Problems. 1. Please summarize the two Trolley Problems. 2. Apply Kantian ethics to the Trolley Problems. What answers would a Kantian give to the Trolley Problems and why? 3. Apply Utilitarian ethics to the Trolley Problems. What answers wo

Price Fixing scheme

Evaluate the price-fixing scheme from an ethical point of view (your evaluation should describe the effects of the scheme on society's welfare, on the moral rights of society's members, and on the distribution of benefits and burdens within society). In your judgment, did Clarence Burke act wrongly? Why? Was he morally responsib

Moral standards are assessed.

Assess the promotional practices of the companies in terms of the moral standards that you think are appropriate for the sort of environment in which the companies are operating. Relate your assessment to the three theories of the manufacturer's duties discussed in the chapter. Are any of these three theories particularly approp

Effects of ethics are discussed.

Does studying ethics inspire students and professors to be morally better people? Aristotle thought that we learned ethics only through life experience, and that intellectual or academic training did little to shape behavior. Of course, Aristotle also thought that the development of rationality gave people the objectivity to use

Ethical issues

Which of the ethical theories do you think that moral philosophers should focus on thinking about over the next 10-15 years (see below)? Which ethical issues will you continue to think about over the next 5 years? Please provide reasons for your views. Six basic ethical theories: virtue, natural law, Kantian, utilitarian, ri

If I support freedom what duty do I have to uphold freedom?

Does equality impose duties? Most Americans claim to embrace ideals of human equality and to condemn hatreds based on race, although ethnicity (Hispanic, Middle Eastern) and cultural heritage continue to be sources of controversy in regards to racial profiling, as in Arizona's new "show your papers" law. Most Americans claim