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    How does globalization impact job options and climate?

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    How would your alternatives change if you were working in a foreign country?
    What effect does globalization have on the choice of preferred alternatives?

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    My alternatives in a foreign country, had I been the mechanic, would have varied depending on the country in question. Few countries in the world, if any, are as litigious as the United States. Class action lawsuits and high stakes litigation are infrequent. Therefore Sears would likely not have faced the same pressures from consumers and the government. Another important aspect of living overseas is that wages are typically lower than they are in America. Therefore companies are not quite as driven to cut wages or come up with adjustments to the salary scale. Workers are ...

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    This solution discusses the way in which jobs are impacted depending on their location. Particular jobs in the United States might have a certain environment while the same job in a different country might have a completely different workplace environment. This is a basic discussion of some common differences. It is not a thoroughly researched examination with cited sources. Over 350 words of original text.