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The Genealogy of Morals, Second and Third Essay

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Nietzsche's second essay help to enlighten us on our ability to consciously and affirmatively make promises. Nietzsche expounds on the importance as well as the ramifications of our ability to make promises. Though many individuals make promises every day with little thought as to their importance, Nietzsche expands our knowledge on how crucial this ability is to our day-to-day interactions with others. He also gives us information on what is required for us to be able to facilitate the making of a promise. Nietzsche informs us that a strong memory is an absolute necessity in order to make and keep promises, because one must remember the promises that have been made in order to accurately carry them out. Nietzsche also informs us that an individual must have self-confidence and awareness about the future, in order to ensure that they keep the promise that has been made. Nietzsche also makes the point that it is not just an adherence to moral obligations that makes an individual feel bound to honor his or her promise, but it is an individual's ...

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