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    Consequences of a society without ethics.

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    What might a society look like if ethics were absent?
    What potential problems might evolve from a society without ethics?
    What potential benefits might appear from a society without ethics?

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    What might a society look like if ethics were absent?

    Without a working definition of ethics, as opposed to values or morals, it is difficult to address these questions. Some might claim that ethics simply refers to whether your actions line up with the morals you claim to believe in. In this case it is impossible to live without ethics. Even if you claim that hedonism (pleasure for me is right and pain for me is wrong), as long as you act according to that guiding moral you can claim to be acting ethically. If on the other hand ethics and morals are defined synonymously then we have something to work with. A society with no shared definition ...

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    If ethics were absent, what society might look like is determined. How it might evolve from a society without ethics are given. The solution consists of over 400 words of personal insight into this question.