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    Ethics Awareness Inventory CORE

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    The Ethics Awareness Inventory CORE concepts do not include Kohlberg's stages of moral development. Why do you think that is? What are the Kohlberg's stages? Do you think they concur? Explain your responses.

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    Williams (2008) describes the ethics awareness CORE inventory focus on four aspects of ethics.
    - C stands for character and is aligned with the thought of what it is good to be instead of do. The theory behind this is to look at the individuals morals instead of their actions, conduct or duty.
    - O stands for obligation or what one's duty is to do what is morally right. The theory focuses on actions rather than consequences of the actions.
    - R is associated with the consequences of individual actions or good versus evil.
    - E stands for equity and includes five characteristics:
    1. Commitment to individualism
    2. Commitment to equality

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    Ethics awareness inventory CORE concepts are examined. Kohlnerg's stages of moral development are determined.