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    Ethics Awareness Inventory Analysis

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    Using the attached Ethics Awareness Inventory Analysis, I need to prepare a 300 to 600-word analysis of my completed Ethics Awareness Inventory. Interpret the results, and apply them to my personal and professional development. Include a statement explaining how my educational experience has impacted my ethical thinking. This analysis should address my use of ethics in thinking and decision-making and my potential for conflict in situations with people who have different interpretations of ethical behavior.

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    Ethics Awareness Inventory-EAI

    Williams Institute created the ethics awareness inventory mechanism that provides a series of questions in a self-scoring inventory for an individual. The EAI can be used to assist a team, an individual, a department and also an organization. The main focus of EAI is to understand the fact that the ethics is more than compliance for any individual.
    The Ethics Awareness Inventory can be defined as a program that evaluates one's ethical style in his job or day-to-day life. As we know ...

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    The solution examines ethics awareness inventory analysis. Results of inventory are interpreted and applied to personal and professional development.