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    Ethics awareness inventory

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    Please see that attached file.

    Provide some discussion points regarding the analysis of the Ethics Awareness Inventory attached.

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    The score provided here is very interesting in the fact you were scored so far and away on the obligation section. You obviously believe that ethical decisions are made to the best of one's ability to try and make the correct decision. Obligation to making the best decision is important to many people. Sometimes we fail to consider all the ramifications, or consequences, but not because we want to. People instead choose to do things from the obligation to make the best decision in the situation.

    The lowest score you had overall was in results and that means that the morality of the decision might not be so much in the result, but in the ability to make a decision based on the possible realities and choosing the one that best serves the overall questions. Sometimes choosing the best for all will result in consequences unknown, but for those who are under the obligation category, the decision making, not the results is the most important.

    Character is the next most closely aligned to your awareness inventory result. This is only half of the obligation, but it does show you are concerned with development of moral character. I hesitate to use the virtue, because as the person who sees being ethically moral, you might think that the morality should be a part of ...

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    A discussion on the file regarding the ethics awareness inventory presented as discussion points.