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    Ethics Awareness Inventory Analysis

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    Interpret your results and apply them to your personal and professional development.
    Include a statement explaining how your educational experience has affected your ethical thinking. This analysis must address your use of ethics in thinking and decision-making and your potential for conflict in situations with people who have different interpretations of ethical behavior.

    Format according to APA standards

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    We rarely think of ethics or our ethical values unless it is pointed out by someone or we are face with them through a distressful situation or an evaluation. Our ethics are defined by personal factors that include beliefs, attitudes, biases, genetics, our environment and learned behaviors that ultimately influenced our actions and interpersonal relations. When we are in contact with other people, our ethics may cause difficult situations if we don't respect the unique and culturally defined expectations that each individual has. In a way, my educational experience has allowed me to become aware of the different cultures around me, improve my communication skills and have better work ethics.

    As a result-oriented person, I like to analyze what is the ethically correct way to proceed in able to achieve the best possible effect to the greatest number of people. I believe that the following statement may not totally define the situation or my perspective on handling situations.
    'The inability to adequately measure the far-reaching impacts of an ethical decision may compel you to focus your decision making on the immediate scope of the problem, ...

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