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    analysis of your completed Ethics Awareness Inventory

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    · Interpret your results and apply them to your personal and professional development.

    · Include a statement explaining how your educational experience has affected your ethical thinking. This analysis must address your use of ethics in thinking and decision-making and your potential for conflict in situations with people who have different interpretations of ethical behavior.

    · Format according to APA standards - meaning font, title page (no running head needed), and margins. However, no references are needed and you should write in first person voice since this paper is about you.

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    Dear Student,
    The solution below is only an example. As you have not indicated the ethical theories you are expected to use and the materials that you are using in your class, I have had to make some assumptions. This solution is a personal take which should provide you a starting point if you use this solution as your example. Thank you so much for using Brainmass. I hope this solution helps. Good luck!

    Ethical Awareness: A Personal Practice

    Prior to studying Ethics and Value Theory, I have always known that in our personal lives and in our professional lives, there are standards that we have to abide by. Because we are free agents practicing free will, we can choose how to behave but being members of a society that has its own legal standards, I have always known that there are boundaries to behaviour - what is acceptable and what is not even if I haven't yet had the opportunity of understanding the meaning and importance of the varied ethical theories and perspectives. Lately though through the course of my ...

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    A brief analysis of your completed Ethics Awareness Inventory is given.