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    Ethical Principles by Students

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    We explain the implications or consequences of the lack of the application of ethical principles by students on all levels.

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    Excellent problem scenario you are presenting here especially wherein the 21st Century has brought about technological advancement at an unprecedented rate and the computer seems to be replacing man's individual and creative thought process. As such we, as information consumers, seem to have forgotten what it means to have a conscious awareness as to that is socially just and individually right. Putting it quite simply, we seem to have lost our moral compass somewhere along the way as society enters a mega technological world. "My computer thinks, therefore I am" has become the contemporary version of Descartes' statement, Cogito Ergo Sum. Descartes' words have most definitely given way to a lesser meaning by way of our popular culture. Today it is the computer that possesses knowledge, stirs emotions, and sets the stage for a new morality over the mind, and human thought and emotion has now been relegated to the artificial intelligence capabilities of a machine. As such topics such as ethics, morality, and emotion, behavior from a theological, psychological, philosophical, sociological, and anthropological perspective are taking a back row seat to technological problem solving and discussion. The end result is, of course, the continued demise of man's civility. For those students who are now what is called Generation Y is faced with a situation wherein the lack of ethics by all students at all levels has long lasting consequences. Before actually taking a look ...

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    This job addresses ethical principles by students.