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    Ethics & Morals

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    1.Ethical theories can be divided into the following two groups: teleological and deontological. First, explain what teleological ethical theories and deontological theories of ethics are, comparing the two. 2. give examples of how ethical conduct would be analyzed according to each of these two types of theories. Which of t

    Ethics in managerial decision making process

    Advice on a PHL/323 Ethics in Management paper: A paper-essay discussing the following: How do ethics affect the managerial decision makingprocess? How does the internet created and impacted global perspectives?

    Personal Values Development

    Analyze Personal Values Development examining your personal values, ground rules and/or ethics development. Focus on the developmental aspect rather than on a particular position on any issue. Defining what your values are; the sources (people, institutions, events, etc.) that helped shape your values, and the criteria and decis

    An ethical journal reflection is modeled.

    1.As you read the articles and other information provided in Materials below, you will see that - the Industry Week article provides you with sufficient information on globalization to establish an opinion - The Wall Street Journal article serves as an example of an essay that is grounded in ethical thinking - the Altis cod

    Kant's Metaphysics of morals

    I need help & Advice to Complete the exercise below: Using the same Microsoft Word document write your entry for this unit's assignment. Your journal entry should record your reactions to Kant's ideas in Grounding of the Metaphysic of Morals. You journal should not exceed 600 words. Attached are the reading for this week

    Journal: Socrates & Martin Luther King Jr.

    Hello, I need help to create a journal entry based pn the ideas of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Socrates: - summarize the ethical arguments presented by Socrates and Dr. King - explain what the arguments imply about each one's sense of ethical obligation - explain how the arguments are similar or different from each other


    Your primary objective is to analyze and interpret an ethics' case study and apply critical thinking to best interpret main case issues, and their resolution in light of the facts provided. Please, follow the next instructions: 1. Quickly read the case. Get a feel for the content and the information that needs to be analyzed. Fo


    Hello. I have to create a journal entry on my ethical values. I really dont know how to do that. Your help will be much appreciated. The details of the instructions are as follows: Your journal is not meant to be a formal academic paper. It is intended to be more informal, and even, spontaneous. Almost anything that occurs to

    5 page paper: Ethical Dilemma

    Purpose: To think through and evaluate a past action in a personal situation involving an ethical dilemma. Format: Paper, double-spaced, APA format, 5 page minimum. Content: ? Narrative description of the situation, including details of issues, people involved, thought processes, and final decision made. You may change the

    World View : An extensive Exploration of Personal Values & Beliefs

    The solution is an extensive essay written in the APA format tackling the Philosophical issues & arguments for the purpose of putting together a paper on Values, Ethics, personal philosophy/belief systems and goals with the full details indicated below: _____________________________________________________________ PURPOSE:

    Biomedical Ethics

    The solution is aimed at providing guidance and direction to tackle the academic problem presented below: What recent developments in medicine and society drive the search for a more adequate definition of death? Distinguish the main alternatives available and explain the respective considerations used to support them. What

    Discussing Moral Obligation

    What is moral obligation? What is the extent of our moral obligation to other people and other living things? 1 slide introduction that presents your topic 3-4 slides that de ...there is moreshow problemWhat is moral obligation? What is the extent of our moral obligation to other people and other living things?

    What type of person should i be?

    The solution is a sample powerpoint presentation to guide the student in presenting the topic, "What type of person should I be?" using the details indicated below: -------------------------------------------------------- Cover a topic mentioned above, as well as 3-4 principle issues within your topic. Develop your personal

    Ethics of torture are considered.

    Carl: I need help with a 100 word (or so) response to the following students statement. By far this is the most difficult discussion we have had to talk about especially in such an abstract way. In this scenario there are huge moral implications. We know that we have the ability to torture an innocent party to save a large a


    The solution is a comprehensive guide tackling the work of Philosopher H.J. McCloskey providing an analysis of his 1968 article, "On Being an Athiest". The full details of the academic problem originally posted by the student is indicated below: --------------------------------------------------------------- I need some help i

    Death Penalty: Debate

    The Academic Problem: Write about a contemporary problem where the status qou becomes a questions of what is acceptable and what is just. The Solution: A comprehensive essay tackling the debate on Death Penalty with the pros & cons weighed and criticisms as well as approval for its necessity also presented. Solution is wr

    Traditional & Modern Ethics: A Discussion

    The solution provides a discussion on the historical development of both modern & traditional ethics and in the process relates the development of both ethical branches to each other.

    Personal Philosophy: Moral Obligation (A Powerpoint Presentation Guide)

    The solution is is a guide in creating a powerpoint presentation on personal philosophy & moral obligation described below: ---------------------------------------------- The topic for this project is Moral Obligation. I need a PowerPoint® presentation that describes a personal viewpoint, as well as 3-4 related principle

    Exercise in Critical Thinking: Professional Workplace Dilemma

    Description: Professional Workplace Dilemma Paper Task: Submission of a 700 to 1,050-word paper analyzing a professional dilemma and values conflict that you experienced. APA format. Paper Guide - a. Describe the experience: 1) What was the ethical issue you experienced? 2) Who was involved?

    Does God Exist? Is God Male or Female?

    Need help finding answer for questions. 1).What about Leibniz (407)? Did he believe in God or not? Was his belief (whether God exists) based on reason or faith? Explain. 2.)Thanks for this reasoned view of reasoned religious beliefs. It sounds a lot like Pascal's wager (p. 426), rather that real faith. According to the wa

    System of Inquiry

    I need some assistance to structure a code of ethics system of inquiry for a global, publicly shared, and organically structured company that manufactures software, ink, and printers. This is a company driven by the bottom-line and it's made up of about 1,500 employees distributed all over the world. This system of inquiry is t

    Disaster plans are proposed.

    I need help with a plan of action for hospitals, nurses and doctors involved in a natural disaster like Katrina. What are some steps that can be taken so one would not have to make the choice of ending the life of a critically ill patient? How about a taskforce that should be in place for every hospital, that is just one though

    Just World and Fairness in case of Relative Justice

    Just World, Individual Morality, Responsibility, Ethics of Interaction, Societal interdependence discusses to underscore the importance of acknowledging Relativism in Morality and Theory of Interdependence, Ethics of fairness in case of Victims of Injustice.

    Ethical failures are often symptomatic of management failures

    "Ethical failures are often symptomatic of management failures." Based on the above quote, I have to prepare 3 key points for a debate supporting the statement. Your input or suggestions regarding additional resources (websites) would be greatly appreciated.

    Ethics and philosophers

    This job summarizes each of the following philosophers: Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and Kant. It presents their principal ethical ideas and gives a personal or societal example of how their views are used in our society today.

    Personal Philosophy PowerPoint Presentation

    I need help with the following project. Create a PowerPoint® presentation answering one of the following questions: Is a person more than a physical body? What is the mind? What is thought? As well, address 3-4 principle issues related to your chosen topic. I. Physical Body A. Spiritual being B. Distinct Perso

    System of Inquiry

    I need help getting started with this assignment. If your organization has an existing Code of Ethics, obtain a copy and be prepared to use it for the assignment. If it doesn't, use one from another organization. (Mine does not) This code of ethics will be used as the basis for the System of Inquiry assignment; b) Develop a

    Does it make a difference if there is or isn't a god?

    Can someone please help me so I can complete the following: Create a PowerPoint presentation (11-14 slides) in which you describe your personal viewpoint, as well as 3-4 related principle issues, concerning one of the topics in philosophy listed below: Does it make a difference if there is or isn't a god? Complete the

    Workplace Dilemma

    Need help so I can write an essay. 1. What was the ethical issue you experienced? 2. Who was involved? (Please use only first names or initials for the participants.) 3. What was the relationship of the other individual(s) to you? Analyze the ethical dilemma: 1. Was there a difference in power and autho