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Ethics & Morals

Exercise in Critical Thinking: Professional Workplace Dilemma

Description: Professional Workplace Dilemma Paper Task: Submission of a 700 to 1,050-word paper analyzing a professional dilemma and values conflict that you experienced. APA format. Paper Guide - a. Describe the experience: 1) What was the ethical issue you experienced? 2) Who was involved?

Does God Exist? Is God Male or Female?

Need help finding answer for questions. 1).What about Leibniz (407)? Did he believe in God or not? Was his belief (whether God exists) based on reason or faith? Explain. 2.)Thanks for this reasoned view of reasoned religious beliefs. It sounds a lot like Pascal's wager (p. 426), rather that real faith. According to the wa

System of Inquiry

I need some assistance to structure a code of ethics system of inquiry for a global, publicly shared, and organically structured company that manufactures software, ink, and printers. This is a company driven by the bottom-line and it's made up of about 1,500 employees distributed all over the world. This system of inquiry is t

Disaster plans are proposed.

I need help with a plan of action for hospitals, nurses and doctors involved in a natural disaster like Katrina. What are some steps that can be taken so one would not have to make the choice of ending the life of a critically ill patient? How about a taskforce that should be in place for every hospital, that is just one though

Just World and Fairness in case of Relative Justice

Just World, Individual Morality, Responsibility, Ethics of Interaction, Societal interdependence discusses to underscore the importance of acknowledging Relativism in Morality and Theory of Interdependence, Ethics of fairness in case of Victims of Injustice.

Ethical failures are often symptomatic of management failures

"Ethical failures are often symptomatic of management failures." Based on the above quote, I have to prepare 3 key points for a debate supporting the statement. Your input or suggestions regarding additional resources (websites) would be greatly appreciated.

Ethics and philosophers

This job summarizes each of the following philosophers: Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and Kant. It presents their principal ethical ideas and gives a personal or societal example of how their views are used in our society today.

Personal Philosophy PowerPoint Presentation

I need help with the following project. Create a PowerPoint® presentation answering one of the following questions: Is a person more than a physical body? What is the mind? What is thought? As well, address 3-4 principle issues related to your chosen topic. I. Physical Body A. Spiritual being B. Distinct Perso

Workplace Dilemma

Need help so I can write an essay. 1. What was the ethical issue you experienced? 2. Who was involved? (Please use only first names or initials for the participants.) 3. What was the relationship of the other individual(s) to you? Analyze the ethical dilemma: 1. Was there a difference in power and autho

The difference between intrinsic and instrumental values

What does it mean to say that something has value? It is a way of saying that it has worth. Something that is worthless has no value except perhaps in the negative. However, values differ according to the entities to which the values in question are attributed. For instance, the value of a pen is not the same as the value of

Questions on U.S. Citizenship

Explain what it means to you to be a U.S. citizen. Define the "ideal American" in your own words. Explain the difference between a right and a freedom/privilege in the U.S. by providing examples of "rights" and "freedoms" American citizens have. Explain your thoughts and feelings about the preambles to the U.S. Constitution a

Ethical Reasoning is applied.

Can someone help me with setting an ethical argument for the victim's family and the DA in the following situation? Joe drove the getaway car during a bank robbery in which a teller was killed. Joe was caught and sentenced to 25 years to life under California's "three strikes" law. Fifteen years into his sentence -- gaunt

Ethical Reasoning

Consider the moral ideals presented by the facts, the obligations of the parties to one another and consequences of alternative actions in reaching a determination. --------------- In an effort to reduce crime in their city, the citizens of a town in Michigan passed an ordinance that empowered police to impound and sell at

Statement Interpretation

Can someone explain this quote to me in clearer terms? Henry Buckle once said, "Society prepares the crime. The criminal commits it." Please help me to better understand the intent of this quote. Thanks!

The Enron Scandal

Our subject is The Enron Scandal which you can find on the following web page: I need to answer the following question with 400 words: What ethical conflict was brought about in the conflict?

Kant and Deontology

Please provide two examples of how this theory intersect with your personal values (two different hypothecial examples). Two good paragraphs should be sufficient. Please do not respond by copying or referring to a website example--instead the answer should be in plain simple terms. Thanks.

Humans and Animals are featured.

1. Is it morally preferable to be vegetarian than to eat meat, poultry, and eggs produced in factory farms? Do conditions in those farms impose a moral duty to adopt a vegetarian diet? Why or why not? 2. Are there any reasons why humans' interests should count more than the interests of non-human animals? If so, can we conclu

Ethics applied to Life

I would like to know the importance of "Ethics applid to life," what can we learn from it, what are its values, etc. Please post five paragraphs that relate to this topic.

Affirmative Action Policies

Do you agree that all affirmative action policies create unjust reverse discrimination? If not, which specific forms of affirmative action do you think escape this charge, and why do you think this?

Discrimination in Society

Is it true that racial and sexual discrimination continues in contemporary society? If so, in what forms does this discrimination exist and how significant an impact does it have on those who are discriminated against? For instance, How, if at all, does contemporary racism or sexism affect the ability of women and minorities to

System of Inquiry

I need some assistance on how to structure a code of ethics system of inquiry for the Society of Professional Journalists. Their code of ethics for the Society of Professional Journalists is attached. For you information, the assignment is attached: Develop a system of inquiry to be used in evaluating decision-making, p

What is ethical intuitionism?

Understanding ethical intutionism is complicated by the fact that the term has been used to refer to quite different philosophical theses. This posting outlines the key concepts involved and their relation to one another.

Consumer Level of Expectation - Recalls

In the news, there is periodically a report of a recall on a children's toy, baby furniture, or tires. Research a recalled product. Explain the level of expectation the consumer has when purchasing a product like the one researched. As a critical consumer, what are your expectations for ethical advertising? What are thre

MacIntyre & Camus

What does MacIntyre mean in his statement "the good life for man is the life spent in seeking the good life for man" and how is it related to Camus's image of Sisyphus? Why is it that "One must imagine Sisyphys happy"?

Kant & Mill

In my philosophy readings on Kant and Mill, I found Kant enlightening, but very difficult to understand in most respects. What I would like to know is what the true contrast between Kant's a priori "duty" and Mill's a posteriori or consequential considerations of "the greatest happiness for the greatest number" (deontology vs. u

Hobbes & Hume

In studying for my final essay exam, I am realizing there are a few things about some of the philosophers that I do not completely understand. One of the things I need to know about is how to compare and contrast the ethics of Hobbes and Hume. What are the basic psychological feelings (according to the two of them) that motivate

Ethical Advertising

In the news, there is periodically a report of a recall on a children's toy, baby furniture, or tires. Research a recalled product. Explain the level of expectation the consumer has when purchasing a product like the one researched. As a critical consumer, what are your expectations for ethical advertising? What are