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Your primary objective is to analyze and interpret an ethics' case study and apply critical thinking to best interpret main case issues, and their resolution in light of the facts provided. Please, follow the next instructions: 1. Quickly read the case. Get a feel for the content and the information that needs to be analyzed. Focus on the first few and last few paragraphs which often provide strong insights into the problem(s) and issue(s). 2. Read the case very carefully. Try to put yourself in the shoes of the person(s) involved and develop a sense of involvement in the issue(s). 3. Note the key problem areas. 4. Note all relevant facts for each problem area. 5. Logically derive a set of conclusions/responses to the questions that focus on the key issue(s). 5. Write a minimum 5 pages double spaces case study critical analysis' essay.

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Dear Student,
I have taken it upon myself not just to provide you a solution that takes on the analysis of an ethical dilemma. I have decided to ma a socio-philo sophical anaylsis of the issue at hand and have drawn from philosophy and historical events including political debates on torture & terrorism as well as laws that have been enacted that could either be used to repel, combat or 'hide' the use of torture. You will also see in the final version that I have made a full-blown APA-format paper essay for you complete with a coverpage, abstract and references section. I did this so that you can use it as future reference. Thank you for your patience. Good Luck!

OTA 105878/Xenia Jones


The solution tackles a terror threat situation involving a possible explosion rivaling 9-11 and a bomber in custody upon whom interrogation techniques are not working. The moral dilemma of applying torture to extract truth and the location of the bomb is pondered upon.

Analysing an Ethics Case

The article presents a scenario that would make a great movie plot tackling terrorism because of all the moral, political & ethical issues encompassed in it. In reality though, if this actually happened, the choices that would be made by the individuals responsible for making the decisions to cope with and arrive at the most moral and acceptable solution while racing against time and the threat of a small scale nuclear device explosion in a populous American city will have implications whatever the outcome. The scenario pictured - a calm claim about a planned explosion making no demands, the 20 second phone call to combat possible trace and the credibility of the claim due the series of unsolved bombing in the previous month and a half around Northwest Washington seemed to show a determined terrorist whose agenda is to spread terror. While one would question the motive behind the call - Is the terrorist warning the media so that they can evacuate people to lessen the damage?, Did the terrorist let the media know to ensure first hand coverage to ensure exposure?, Or did he contact the media for other purposes, such as starting a chain reaction to observe how the city handles such a threat for the purpose of preparing for a bigger bombing? - The truth of the matter is, after 9-11 threats that carry an ounce of credibility are taken very seriously. Most of the law enforcement outfits including the FBI, the CIA, FEMA and the state & city agencies & offices concentrate their resources to combat the immediate ...

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