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    Exploring Truth, Right and Wrong

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    Write a minimum 5 pages reflection of "What is right and wrong?" and "What is Truth?" This video forum reflection should explore the ethical, scientific, historic and socio-cultural dimensions of the video.

    What position do you hold regarding those two questions? Do you agree or disagree with the positions stated in the videos? In order to prove your thesis make reference to the required readings from Unit 1 and 2, to the Instructor's Lecture, as well as to the statements expressed in those videos. In the Instructor's Lecture you have an additional bibliography.


    Please use footnotes.

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    Constructing Right

    What is right? To know what is right we need to judge it against a standard, a constructed idea of the acceptable actions, reactions and situations guided by the rules of the culture and society we are a part of. Indeed what is right is a constructed ideology, an idea agreed upon by all, built on tradition and practice, built on social history and experience of those that came before us. In the video those interviewed hearken back to the way they were brought up. One, Brian, a comedian postulated that his mother is his guidance of determining right from wrong. He declared, "I suppose right from wrong depends entirely on the possibility of whether I would do 'that' if my mother was in the room."1 Clearly, Brian's socialization has had a major impact on him. What is socialization? Socialization is the manner by which our parents, our experiences, our teachers, social agencies and the social and natural world around us have impacted us as we grow older and learn more. It is through these conscious actions by our parents and teachers and the natural turn of events in our lives that we learn what we learn, know what we have come to know at the varied stages of our continuing life-histories that we become who we are partly dictated of course by our genetics and inherent personalities.

    What we see as right is dictated by our socialization and current social situation. For example, we agree that robbery is wrong because this is what we are brought up to acknowledge as we are part of an ordered society that considers robbery as breaking the law. The law is that system of rules and principles that is given power by the constitution to keep order, to keep society at peace. Going against it is a form of deviance and is punishable once more according to the rule of law. This is so because it creates a negative effect within society where rampart disregard of the law can equate to social breakdown and that is not acceptable in a society that looks towards the creation of social harmony and to bring about peace and development 'for the good' of all its members. Being a part of society means taking up citizenship and with it come specific duties as well as rights and responsibilities. What is right therefore aside from what is imbued to us as children and through our years of schooling and development ...

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    The solution is a comprehensive and in depth review of an academic video (see original problem) tackling the notion of truth, what is right and what is wrong. The resulting solution is a 1,504-word APA format essay presenting said notions from a socio-constructivist and epistemological viewpoint. ethical, philosophical, scientific, historic and socio-cultural dimensions are also included in the narrative. A word version is attached for easy printing. References, both web and print, are listed.