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Cross-cultural dilemmas

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How do MNCs deal with confusion about cross-cultural dilemmas? What are moral universalism, the ethnocentric approach, and ethical relativism? Give an example of how each standard functions.

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A discussion regarding how multinational companies deal with cross-cultural dilemmas as well as exploring universalism, ethnocentric approach and ethical relativism. 378 words, 4 references.

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"Multinational companies have the great advantage of working in and with different cultures to make their products and services accessible to a far wider community" (Impact Factory, 2013, para 1). These types of companies reach beyond their domestic borders to include several other cultures and employ others from diverse backgrounds. However, one of the cross-cultural dilemmas that can come up is related to the assumption that because the employees of these multinational companies are all working toward the same goals, vision and values (all related to the company), that they will also automatically communicate, think and behave the same way. This could not be further from the truth. Multinational companies typically deal with this by providing diversity training, exposure to ...

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