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    Cross-Cultural Ethics

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    A member of one culture may not view a situation with the same ethical perspective as a member of another culture. Given this, what can an organization do when faced with an ethical dilemma complicated by cross-cultural considerations? What factors must be considered when making decisions in situations like these?

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    One of the main problems as to why one culture may not view the situation with the same ethical perspectives is due to the wide variation in what is acceptable in one culture, when compared to another culture. Bribery is an excellent example. In the U.S., all forms of bribery are illegal. The U.S. has many corporations that do business and have operations in ...

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    This solution explains the steps an organization can take when faced with ethical dilemmas that are complicated by cross-cultural considerations. This solution also discusses the factors that need to be considered when making ethical/cross-cultural decisions. Includes 1 reference.