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    reactions to Aristotle's idea of "virtue ethics."

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    Your journal entry for this unit's assignment should record your reactions to Aristotle's idea of "virtue ethics."

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    Aristotle's reflections serve as an important reminder about us as humans. I think the best way we can understand Aristotle's ideas is through our observation of celebrities. When we watch TV, read magazines, listen to the radio, drive in the city and so on, we are constantly reminded by social media and advertising of the "important" modern human qualities. I think most of us have had, or still have a secret desire to be famous in some way. We feel as though fame leads to fortune, and fortune leads to happiness. The problem is that we judge people principally according to their physical attributes. The underlying assumption is that happiness consists in beauty, strength, thinness, and wealth. Aristotle's reflections remind us of the fact that there ...

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    The solution offers reactions to Aristotle's idea of "virtue ethics."