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    Natural Ethical Theories

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    Which ethical theory is most "natural"? That is, which theory requires the least alteration of our natural inclinations in order for us to live ethically, and explain why this is valid.

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    The easiest response to this question would probably be the Natural Law ethical theory, but this answer is still somewhat complicated. The basic claim of such a theory is that the morally correct action is that which is based on something inherent in man. A basic version of this theory has been attributed to Aristotle. Although Aristotle is most widely known for his virtue ethics, in developing this system he discusses what is unique about mankind. In Book I, Part 7 of the Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle discusses human life being led by a rational principle. This ability to follow a rational ability is what Aristotle believes distinguishes humans from other beings. St. Thomas ...

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    I examine a few ethical theories in trying to determine which is the most natural. I determine that this depends on what one considers most natural about humans, and offer suggested answers based on this.