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Aristotle's Understanding of Human Nature

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"For Aristotle, if we are to be happy, we must fulfill our function as a person [a human being]."


1) What does Aristotle understand the real function of a human being to be?

2) In your understanding, what would it mean to fail as a human being?

3) Some say moral values cannot be taught. In your judgment, what would Aristotle say? What do you think?

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This solution deals with Aristotle's Theory of Human Nature. It is a summary of the position that Aristotle holds on the distinctive nature of human beings and what it means to be fully human.

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The question "what does Aristotle understand the real function of a human being to be" is perhaps a little odd. It is not so much the function of a human being that concerns Aristotle as the distinguishing characteristics of a human. So, to be human, to Aristotle is to be rational-to be able to reason. This, he believes, is the critical difference between humans and animals. The place where Aristotle most clearly identifies this is in the ...

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