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Using Aristotle's Classification Scheme

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Using Barack Obama as an example, what is memorable about him and makes him an effective speaker?

Aristotle's classification scheme includes ethos, pathos, and logos. Which combination does Barack Obama have? Why?

To be effective as a communicator today, what qualifications are needed?

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President Barack Obama is an effective speaker because he uses all three of Aristotle's premises for convincing rhetoric--ethos, logos, and pathos. These modes of persuasion were set forth by Aristotle as way to show what methods best worked to persuade people to accept an idea or concept, and to convince them of way of thinking about a rule or law.

Since he was a philosopher, Aristotle depended on logic. We still use his modes of rhetoric today and Barak Obama is a good example of a speaker who employs these tactics. If we listen to President Obama's recent appeal for changing gun laws in American, we notice that he is using pathos to appeal to our logic. He does this by mentioning the "little children" who were killed in Newtown, ...

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This is an exercise in rhetorical approaches a speaker might use to create authority and credibility when public speaking. An examination of ethos, pathos, and logos.

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1). A speaker such as Barack Obama, what is it about this speaker that makes his communication memorable?
2). Using Aristotle's classification scheme, decide whether you believe this speaker's power to persuade comes from ethos, pathos, logos, or from a combination of these methods.
3). Explain what led you to this conclusion.
4). What qualifications do you believe a communicator needs to be considered effective today?

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