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Socialization: communication and classification

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Aristotle's Classification Scheme

1). A speaker such as Barack Obama, what is it about this speaker that makes his communication memorable?
2). Using Aristotle's classification scheme, decide whether you believe this speaker's power to persuade comes from ethos, pathos, logos, or from a combination of these methods.
3). Explain what led you to this conclusion.
4). What qualifications do you believe a communicator needs to be considered effective today?

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This is quite an interesting writing prompt. Communication styles vary so widely between people. Some people are such effective communicators that it seems to come instinctively to them and without any effort. Others, however, struggle with communication and others have a difficult following along with them. What the style, it is important to study this topic in an effort to become better communicators ourselves. In other words, one primary way to judge whether or not a speaker is effective is to first determine if his or her communication is memorable.

By way of notes and explanation, let's examine Barack Obama since you specifically mentioned him. Preside Obama has been considered to be a charismatic speaker since he first entered the national political scene back in 2004. Remember that a person possesses "charisma" when they have a special gift, or way, of mesmerizing audiences. As such a person communicates, words seem to flow together in such a way that resonates with seemingly everyone who listens. The ...

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The socialization of communication and classifications are examined.

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