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Human Resources: Classification Requests

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Prepare a professional writing sample that demonstrates your attributes in communication skills, HR knowledge, problem-solving skills, customer service orientation. The best sample would be a situation where you had to deny a manager/supervisor's request regarding a classification, compensation, selection or labor relations issue.

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When assessing whether to grant or deny a classification request it's important for Human Resources to look at all the pertinent factors that are involved within this decision. This process is predicated upon assigning a set of duties and responsibilities to appropriate job families and levels within this family. The classification process is only done when a newly created job is in consideration or when significant changes are being considered towards the duties assigned to an existing position.

Before denying the request it's important for the HR personnel to ascertain whether the manager or supervisor requesting classification has assigned duties and responsibilities for the position as opposed to the individual ...

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A classification requests for human resources are examined.

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Human Resource Topic

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Schneider charges, "American citizens are out on the street. In the competitive world, it is difficult to bid against people who work at substantially lower rates."

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A) Give your point of view, explaining your position.

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4) List three reasons why project managers should be concerned with understanding HR law instead of leaving it to the employee's normal manager or to the HR group.

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