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    employment in foreign countries

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    1.As you read the articles and other information provided in Materials below, you will see that
    - the Industry Week article provides you with sufficient information on globalization to establish an opinion
    - The Wall Street Journal article serves as an example of an essay that is grounded in ethical thinking
    - the Altis code of conduct is an example of standards some companies espouse in an attempt to guide decision-making

    2. Using a Microsoft Word document that you have been using throughout this course to record your journal entries, write an entry on globalization. Specifically, your journal entry for this assignment should

    - explain your position on the following question: Is it ethical for corporations to employ workers in foreign countries under difficult working conditions, for wages that some people consider exploitative?
    - apply the concepts you have learned in this course
    - show how your argument relates to different ethical points of view
    - describe a new insight or way of thinking about an issue that has been stimulated by the texts or discussions in this course

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    I am not certain what are all the concepts you learned in your course and need to apply since you did not mention them, but I think this may help you consider the question at hand.

    The ethical question concerning employment in foreign countries is not easily answered. Majority of the opinions formed are based upon an "arm-chair" ethical committee, meaning the average Joe who sees and hears about these things from his comfortable home in the U.S. We are so accustomed to set laws in our country that we can lose sight of the extreme differences between our idea of proper worker compensation and working conditions and the reality that many face in much poorer countries. For this reason, there are various factors to consider, such as understanding the relation between work and basic human rights, the principles of free enterprise, and the relation between U.S. laws and foreign country laws.

    The need for safeguarding basic human rights is, for the most part, the greatest concern. Work is a natural part of human existence, and the right to work safely and earn a fair wage go hand in hand. Still, how do we understand what constitutes safe conditions and fair wages? In Western history, these rights have slowly developed into current laws. We understand that such has not always been the case, however, we attempt to console ourselves with the fact that our former methods of enterprise and labor contracting has disappeared. Thus, we take for granted that the standards which we have set for ourselves should be applicable everywhere. We can forget that most countries that we ...

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    Ethics associated with employment in foreign countries are considered.