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    Journal entry: personal ethics

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    Hello. I have to create a journal entry on my ethical values. I really dont know how to do that. Your help will be much appreciated. The details of the instructions are as follows:

    Your journal is not meant to be a formal academic paper. It is intended to be more informal, and even, spontaneous. Almost anything that occurs to you during the process of reading, reflection, and class discussions can be written in your journal. For example, you may choose to

    raise serious questions or objections to the ideas presented in the unit
    apply the ideas to an example drawn from personal experience
    apply the ideas to an example of current public controversy
    show how the ideas relate (are similar or different) to another ethical point of view
    describe a new insight or way of thinking about an issue that has been stimulated by the texts or discussions in the course
    There is no minimum or maximum length for the journal assignments. But in order to present a thoughtful and serious effort, journal entries must be of a reasonable length. As a general guide, 300-600 words

    Using a Microsoft Word document, write your journal entry describing your ethical values. In your journal entry for this unit, consider the following:

    Where did they come from?
    Who do you look to as an authority?
    How do you think about making ethical choices?
    What would you like to learn in this course?

    Thank you!

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    Note to the Student:

    Below is a sample of a self-reflective narrative that corresponds to the guidelines set by your post above. I would assume that this reflective self-examination is meant as an exercise in probing and discovering why and how you do what you do, believe what you believe. It is as much as a probing of personal philosophies as well as of knowing personal moral views and ethics. I will assume that you are well aware of what morality and ethics means and therefore I shall not provide a lengthy explanation about them. I am however providing a 'quick note' below as to what ethics is for your guidance. As a general rule however, remember that Brainmass is here to help. Protect yourself (from the dangers of plagiarism) by ensuring that why I provided for you below is a guide - while it is good enough for submission, you have to rework it to reflect your own belief systems, input a part of your own personality. Ethics and morality are very individualistic and personal; hence I can only make a sample for you as I cannot ensure that what I have written reflects who you are too. If you have any questions, just add them to the feedback if you can provide one and I'll provide an additional update for your solution. I know that you are only expected to provide a 300-600 word narrative but the Actual Journal Entry sample below exceeds that so as to provide diverse ideas for you from which to build your own. This text solution is also attached as a word version for easy printing. This solution follows APA rules.

    OTA 105878/Xenia Jones

    A Quick Explanation

    What is ethics?

    Ethics is about choices, a branch of philosophy that covers a whole family of things that have a real importance in everyday life.

    ? Ethics is about right and wrong
    ? Ethics is about rights and duties
    ? Ethics is about good and bad
    ? Ethics is about what goodness itself is
    ? Ethics is about making moral choices
    ? Ethics is about the way to live a good life
    ? Ethics is about how people use the language of right and wrong

    Ethics tackles some of the fundamental questions of human life:

    ? How should people live?
    ? What should people do in particular situations?

    Ethics produces some of the most passionate arguments that take place in parliament, church, family, school and down the pub. It covers topics like abortion and euthanasia, punishment and justice, human rights and freedoms, and the proper conduct of doctors, lawyers and businesses.

    From the BBC, "Religion & Ethics: Ethical Issues" (13 Jan 2009), ...

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    The solution is a simulkated journal entry that is a reflection of simulated ethical values based on varied composites. This journal entry will provide guidance to students creating similar relfective analysis entries on varied topics including ethics, philosophy and morality.