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    General Journal Entries for Beverly Crusher, CPA

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    Beverly Crusher is a licensed CPA. During the first month of operations of her business (a sole proprietorship), the following events and transactions occurred.

    April 2 Invested $32,000 cash and equipment valued at $14,000 in the business.
    April 2 Hired a secretary-receptionist at a salary of $290/week payable monthly.
    April 3 Purchased supplies on account $700 (debit an asset account).
    April 7 Paid office rent of $600 for the month.
    April 11 Completed a tax assignment and billed client $1,100 for services rendered. (Use service revenue account)
    April 12 Received $3,200 advance on a management consulting engagement.
    April 17 Received cash of $2,300 for services completed for Ferengi Co.
    April 21 Paid insurance expense $110.
    April 30 Paid Secretary-Receptionist $1,160 for the month.
    April 30 A count of supplies indicated that $120 of supplies had been used.
    April 30 Purchased a new computer for $6,100 with personal funds. (the computer will be used exclusively for business purposes.

    Journalize the transactions in the general journal.

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