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general discussion of ethics and values in the direction of a business to a consumer

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How do you write a personal values statement ? I have no idea? Say my values are family, friendship and religion how do i go about explainig that?

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What I understand: the student needs help in outlining a personal-values statement. Because such statements are highly subjective, my response is intended to address a possible structural outline and procedure.

Good question. I would venture to say most people struggle with this sort of statement. If a personal-values statement has an intended audience (which it normally does, unless it is a journal entry), it must be written for that particular audience. You are, in a manner of speaking, selling yourself to your audience. This seems to run contrary to what a values statement should be, however, your audience will inevitably critique your values on whether they meet a certain criterion (which is defined by your audience and ...

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A general discussion of ethics and values in the direction of a business to a consumer is embodied.

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