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Ethics & Morals

Kantian and Utilitarian Ethics

For this first short paper, read the separate attachment, The Trolley Problems. 1. Please summarize the two Trolley Problems. 2. Apply Kantian ethics to the Trolley Problems. What answers would a Kantian give to the Trolley Problems and why? 3. Apply Utilitarian ethics to the Trolley Problems. What answers wo

Price Fixing scheme

Evaluate the price-fixing scheme from an ethical point of view (your evaluation should describe the effects of the scheme on society's welfare, on the moral rights of society's members, and on the distribution of benefits and burdens within society). In your judgment, did Clarence Burke act wrongly? Why? Was he morally responsib

Moral standards are assessed.

Assess the promotional practices of the companies in terms of the moral standards that you think are appropriate for the sort of environment in which the companies are operating. Relate your assessment to the three theories of the manufacturer's duties discussed in the chapter. Are any of these three theories particularly approp

Effects of ethics are discussed.

Does studying ethics inspire students and professors to be morally better people? Aristotle thought that we learned ethics only through life experience, and that intellectual or academic training did little to shape behavior. Of course, Aristotle also thought that the development of rationality gave people the objectivity to use

Ethical issues

Which of the ethical theories do you think that moral philosophers should focus on thinking about over the next 10-15 years (see below)? Which ethical issues will you continue to think about over the next 5 years? Please provide reasons for your views. Six basic ethical theories: virtue, natural law, Kantian, utilitarian, ri

If I support freedom what duty do I have to uphold freedom?

Does equality impose duties? Most Americans claim to embrace ideals of human equality and to condemn hatreds based on race, although ethnicity (Hispanic, Middle Eastern) and cultural heritage continue to be sources of controversy in regards to racial profiling, as in Arizona's new "show your papers" law. Most Americans claim

Augustine's two contributions to the Christian world view.

The influence of Augustine's views are timeless. What are the two contributions he made to the Christian world without addressing his views on the human body, sex and marriage and how did such views replicate in particular circumstances in his life. Are they traceable in certain moments of his life?

The Shinto Religion (Japan)

Explain the derivation of the term Shinto. What does the name tell us about the relationship with China and with Buddhism? Please explain.

Purpose and Existence of God: Krauss and Swinburne

Question: What does Lawrence Krauss mean by "purpose" and what ways do you see to assess his views given Richard Swinburne's proof from spatial order for the existence of God? Attached are the two short readings. I would like some help out a more thorough analysis on Krauss' view of "purpose" and maybe a clearer picture

Hinduism: The Self

Define the concept of Atman, and describe how it is similar to yet different from the typical western concept of self.

Indigenous Religions

Why are indigenous religions no longer called primitive religions; instead, they are now called primal religions? What are some of the reasons indigenous religions in the past recieved less scholarly attention than the dominant religions?

Ethical decision making regarding abortion or adoption.

Sherry is 32, never married, and employed as social worker for the VA. She enjoys the company of men and likes to party. Sherry gave birth to a daughter at 16. Angel, who is 16 and in 10th grade, was reared mostly by Sherry's mother, who is 60, legally blind, and living on disability. Sherry supports her mother and daughter.

Utilitarian Calculation

Apply the utilitarian calculation of painful or pleasurable consequences to evaluate a controversial ethical issue - abortion. What advantages and disadvantages do you see to the Utilitarian approach to ethics?

Moral theories are contrasted.

Help in Discussing the following (for full questions, see attached PDF file) 1: Ethical Objectivism 2. Emotive Theory 3. Social Contract Theory 4. Plato's metaphysical theories 5. Meno's statement "to desire beautiful things and to have the power to acquire them"

Ecological Ethics

Define deep ecology or ecological ethics. What are the consequences of taking an ecological ethic seriously?

Returning Money You Find or Keeping It

Imagine that you run a charitable organization that provides clothing, eyeglasses, toys and after-school tutoring for poor children. There is never enough money to provide for the needs of your clients. One day, you are leaving a shopping mall and notice an expensive billfold on the pavement. You pick up the wallet and find that

Aristotle's criteria on virtues and vices

Baby Boomer Bob is a professionally employed, married man with grown children and grandchildren. He works in a human services agency and lives in a gracious home with his bright, attractive, professionally employed wife. Bob actively assists in the care of his aged mother, volunteers as a referee for sports events for area yo

Issues relating to drug testing

In regard to the issue of drug testing, please discuss the pros and cons among the different examples presented below. In brief, is there any argument for or against increased testing in these areas? Thank you. 1. Drug testing in Sports 2. Drug testing in the construction industry 3. Drug testing for retail employees 4. Ra

Science and Society

Please assist with Cultural Studies Assigment: You have to do at least 2 entries per theme (meaning two per Society, two per Science, etc.), i.e., one from p.1 - Internet Reading and one from p. 4 â?" Relevance to Puerto Rico. For the others you can pick and choose. The more satisfactory entries you will do the better grade

CASE STUDY: Ethics on Torture

HELLO: Please help with the paper below - Your primary objective is to analyze and interpret an ethics' case study and apply critical thinking to best interpret main case issues, and their resolution in light of the facts provided. Please, follow the next instructions: 1. Quickly read the case. Get a feel for the content a

ExtremeNet and Allen Lopez

After tedious negotiations, ExtremeNet and Allen Lopez have agreed to have their case resolved by arbitration. resolve the follwing questions: 1. Shold Allen Lopez be allowed to keep his job with ExtremeNet? 2. Should Allen Lopez be forced to remove his website? 3. How Could ExtremeNet's executives best respect Allen L

Universalism and Cultural Relativism

Sam, a graduate student in anthropology, received a summer grant to study tribal life in the Amazon River basin. Before he embarked on his scholarly journey, Sam visited his family physician. The doctor warned Sam that malaria outbreaks often reached epidemic proportions in the Amazon basin and prescribed a three-month supply of

a) Why should I help someone else in need? Answer that question from the point of view of Hume and Kant. b) In addition, respond to that question from the point of view of S. Daniel Breslauer.

a) Why should I help someone else in need? Answer that question from the point of view of Hume and Kant. Hume Hume claimed that desire and not reason is what governs human behavior. He broke ranks with the Rationalists who came before him who claimed that reason governs human behavior. Hume claimed that reason should ob

Hippocratic oath summary

Confidentiality appears to be both common sense and professional convention, as per the Hippocratic Oath, in the sense that "what [a healthcare professional] may see or hear in the course of treatment or even outside of the treatment in regard to the life of [patients]... [they] will keep to [themselves]." This seems to be an ob

Does the social contract theory limit moral requirements?

Rachels claims that one of the benefits of social contract theory is that it finds a reasonable limit to what morality can require of us. Is this reasonable limit really reasonable, though? And does it impact the notion of impartiality?

Consider how best to care for an elderly patient suffering from dementia. Give an in-depth overview of some of the ethical issues that arise when caring for someone with dementia, and discuss how one ought to navigate these issues to insure the best moral/ethical outcome for all involved.

Dealing with people who suffer from dementia provides a minefield of moral choices to navigate. When dementia strikes a family member however, the discussion moves from serving as an intellectual exercise to becoming a reality filled with difficult choices. New roles must be filled, new options must be considered and ultimatel