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View of Justice in Classical Philosophy

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Thrasymachus the Sophist has defined "Justice" as "the interest of the stronger parties". In light of Socrates' considered view of Justice as expounded over the course of the Republic
a) in what sense would Socrates agree that Thrasymachus is entirely correct?
b) in what sense would Socrates say that Thrasymachus is deeply confused?

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On Justice

In Plato's 'The Republic', the views of Socrates on justice was contrasted to the views of Thrasymachus of Chalcedony, an elder sophist. 'The Republic' is a Socratic dialogue that discusses justice - its meaning, the elements that make it up. Additionally, this work also discusses what makes up a just society/city and what defines a just man. Plato is a master of presenting emergent ideas via dialogue. Thrasymachus and Socrates debate about justice and what emerges are the following: For Thrasymachus, justice is defined by those in power and by the majority. Justice is also about following the law. However, judicial advantage ...

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Based on the work of Plato, the definition of the Sophist idea of Justice via the work of Thrasymachus is compared and contrasted to the view of justice by Socrates as set out in 'The Republic'. References are listed for further exploration of the topic.

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