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    What is Shintoism?

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    Explain the derivation of the term Shinto. What does the name tell us about the relationship with China and with Buddhism? Please explain.

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    The Japanese Shinto Religion

    Shinto is the national belief system that is followed by majority of the Japanese people (over 119 million) and is also known as kami-no-michi and is best described as a set of traditional practices carried out daily by its practitioners for the purpose of getting in touch with their heritage. In Shinto there are no absolutes, no absolute right, no absolute wrong and no absolute perfection. Humans are taught from the very beginning to be good and it is the responsibility of man to strive to be good and to keep away from the ...

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    The solution is a 580-word narrative that explains the Japanese religion Shintoism. It explains the origin of the term, what the religion is about as well as the influence of China and Buddhism in the practice of Shintoism.