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The purpose and existence of God

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Question: What does Lawrence Krauss mean by "purpose" and what ways do you see to assess his views given Richard Swinburne's proof from spatial order for the existence of God?

Attached are the two short readings.

I would like some help out a more thorough analysis on Krauss' view of "purpose" and maybe a clearer picture of Swinburne's proof.

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Question: What does Lawrence Krauss mean by "purpose"?

By purpose Krauss means "a supernaturally dictated reason for life." As makes his argument he implies that since there is not explicit communication describing purpose, it does not exist. Of course, Creation scientists could say that since the DNA of an organism doesn't spell out "I have evolved" the creature did not evolve.

Krauss of course ignores the Bible as a source of information regarding purpose. Christians would say that the Bible ...

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This solution examines the writings of Lawrence Krauss and Richard Swinburne as a platform from which to discuss the purpose and existence of God. The original sources from Krauss and Swinburne are included as well as my solution to the student's original post.