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Utilitarianism vs. Deontology

Use the compare/contrast template provided to organize your thoughts and ideas. Complete the template and attach it to the final paper.

Compare and Contrast

Traits of utilitarianism:

What it does focus on

What it doesnâ??t focus on

Traits of deontology:
What it does focus on

What it doesnâ??t focus on

How are they the same?

How are they different?

What would the utilitarian do in the scenario provided? (see below)

What would the deontologist do in the scenario provided? (see below)

To highlight the differences of utilitarianism and deontology, imagine the following scenario:

You and 9 companions are caught by cannibals while traveling through the jungle. The cannibals offer you, the leader, a choice: they will either kill one of your companions, of your choice, or they will kill the whole lot of you.

What would a utilitarian do? How about a deontologist?

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